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NYCRDC 2nd Annual Workshop

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

I attended the first of the three workshops held at Baruch College as part of the New York Census Research Data Center’s 2nd Annual Workshop series. The NYCRDC provides confidential census microdata to researchers at secure facilities at Baruch and Cornell.

This year’s theme is census geography and mapping, and there were a number of great presentations that covered census geography from the global down to the block level. My personal favorite was a presentation that illustrated the composition and evolution of census tracts – using Legos! Not the real ones mind you, but digital photos of Legos that were enhanced and tied together with Flash in a Powerpoint presentation.

I have provided a link to the 2nd Annual Workshop page before – but there it is again. Powerpoints, and perhaps video footage, of the presentations should be posted there relatively soon.

I also gave a promo to the hands-on GIS workshop that I’ll be doing as part of the second workshop of the series. Two weeks to go, and I still have a lot to do…

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