I’m At These Coordinates Now

Adios, Gothos! After almost ten years of blogging here it’s time to start anew. Instead of just slapping on a fresh coat of paint, I’ve decided to create a new site.

Please join me At These Coordinates https://atcoordinates.info.

Gothos.info will remain here until the end of January 2018. After that, the old url will just redirect you to the new site. I’ve migrated a few of the most recent posts over to my new pad, along with some greatest hits. But after January most of the content here will vanish, although the bits and bytes are preserved in the Wayback Machine in the Internet Archive.

I’ve described my rationale for moving on in the inaugural post on the new site. The last point I’ll touch on here – what the heck is Gothos anyway? Well:


The Squire of Gothos is a Star Trek episode from the original series. It’s about a mercurial child super-being who creates his own planet and then attempts to hold Captain Kirk and crew hostage there to keep him company. “Welcome to an island of peace on my stormy little planet of Gothos!” Since I was creating my own little world about geospatial data and I wanted a catchy one-word title it fit the bill.

I’ll see you At These Coordinates! Best – Frank


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