Links – Resources

External links to gazetteers, reference tables, look-up services, maps, and software.


  • Baruch Geoportal Resources – tutorials we’ve written in my lab for using various US Census resources, GIS software, and web mapping tools.


  • Census Bureau Gazetteers – Complete lists of all place names used in the 2010, 2000, and 1990 US Census
  • Geographic Names Information System – USGS gazetteer service that contains all place names used on US topographic maps
  • GEOnet Names Server – NGA gazetteer service with standard spellings of all foreign place names. In addition to the look-up service, you can also download tab-delimited files that have x and y coordinates for all features in that country

Reference – Projections and Coordinate Systems

  • Spatial Reference – Look up EPSG and ESRI codes for coordinate systems and map projections and download coordinate system data in WKT, Proj, and other formats
  • Projection Reference – Radical Cartography’s map projection reference page, with summary information and depictions of common global and continental projections
  • Census Geocoder – Look up latitude and longitude coordinates for an address, free batch matching for 1000 records at a time

Tools – Projections and Coordinate Systems

  • Texas A&M Geocoding Services – a set of geocoding and coordinate tools and services from the Texas A&M GIS Research Laboratory. Includes individual look-up for address coordinates and a web api interface and software for batch geocoding
  • GEOTRANS – software for individual or batch conversion of coordinates from one system to another
  • G.Projector – software from NASA for viewing different global and continental map projections and creating map images

Reference – IDs and Geographies

  • ANSI FIPS Codes Lookup – a Census Bureau site that lets you look ANSI / FIPS geographic codes
  • Changes to Counties – a Census Bureau site that provides details on changes to county boundaries between 1970 and 2010
  • Census Bureau Maps – digital reference maps in pdf format for a variety of administrative areas
  • Cure for The Common Code – sponsored by the Missouri State Data Center, this exhaustive site provides lists of codes used by federal and state agencies to identify places throughout the US
  • ISO Country Codes – information and a downloadable list of country codes commonly used to uniquely identify the world’s nations
  • ISO Region Codes – lookup for regional names (1st level divisions) for all countries.
  • Statoids – comprehensive guide to 1st and 2nd level administrative divisions (states, provinces, counties, regions, districts, etc) for all countries of the world.

Tools – Cartographic Design

  • ColorBrewer – great tool for choosing color schemes for thematic maps. Provides color values in several color code formats and makes suggestions for appropriate color schemes based on medium (paper – color and b/w, computer screens, projectors).

GIS Software and Extensions – ArcGIS

GIS Software and Extensions – Open Source

  • QGIS – a free, open source, user friendly, cross-platform GIS. For Windows users, you can download QGIS, GRASS, and the GDAL / OGR utilities in one package
  • GDAL / OGR – free, open source, cross-platform, command line utilities for projection transformations, file format conversions, and metadata and attribute queries
  • GRASS – a free, open source, powerful, cross-platform GIS
  • SpatiaLite – free, open source, desktop geodatabase platform built on SQLite
  • SQLite Manager – Firefox add-on that lets you create, view, and edit SQLite databases

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