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Monday, August 4th, 2008

I’ve stumbled across a few good sites for GIS data lately. Check these out:

UNSDI-NCO: The United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure site, maintained by the Netherlands Coordination Office. They have many global datasets as well as country-specific ones, often for developing countries where data is hard to come by. Includes boundaries, roads, infrastructure, and natural features. Click on the Datasets link under the Categories menu to see the list, then click on the feature of you choice. You’ll have to scroll through the metadata to the Distribution Info element to get to a download link. Not all of the datasets are available for public download.

gData: This site is housed at Berkeley as part of the Biogeomancer Project, whose goal is to share data on biodiversity. You can download boundaries, hydrography, infrastructure, topography, and climate data in vector and raster formats for any country in the world. The data is aggregated, and in some cases improved, from many public sources. Administrative boundaries include 1st, 2nd, and often 3rd level divisions. A great, comprehensive source.

CEGRP: China Earthquake Geosptial Research Portal, housed at Harvard. The goal of the site is to gather and distribute geospatial data in response to the earthquake that hit Sichuan China in May 2008. Vector and raster layers for all of China and for this particular region where the earthquake hit.

AIMS: Afghanistan Information Management Services. A non-profit group located in Afghanistan that has created and maintains a geospatial infrastructure to support the government. Vector datasets for the entire country and the city of Kabul are available for download. They also offer a number of static pdf maps.

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