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FIPS and ISO Country Code Table

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

I’ve created a bridge table to relate various country codes: FIPS 10, the three versions of ISO 3166 (two alpha, three alpha, and three numeric), NATO, and the internet country codes. Ok, ok, I didn’t create it, the CIA World Factbook did and has it listed in their appendix, but in HTML. I just copied it and made it database friendly: fixed column headings, removed dashes for nulls, removed trailing and leading spaces, converted numeric codes to text while preserving zeros, and saved it in a tab-delimited text file. You can download it from the Resources page.

If you open it in Excel, Excel annoyingly converts the three digit numeric ISO code back to a number and drops the leading zeros. You can fix this using a trick I illustrated in a previous post, or import it into Calc or Access instead. You’ll be able to designate that field as text during the import process. If you stash the table in a geodatabase, you will be able to relate features and tables that use different codes through this bridge table.

I was also searching for the ISO 3166-2 codes for 1st level subdivisions within countries (like states in the US or provinces in Canada), but had trouble finding anything official as I think they may be copyrighted. I eventually found one source that claims that they received permission to post the codes, so you can take a look there. I also stumbled across a good reference source called Statoids, which gives you background information, lists, and codes for subdivisions on a country by country basis. I’ve added both of these to the Links – Resources page.

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